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Anthony (Tony) DiFante - Vice President 

In 1995 I began my law enforcement career with the Rochester Police Department. I transferred to the Irondequoit Police Department in 2000 and was promoted to Investigator in 2013. I am one of the Original Founders and events coordinator of LEAFF, LAW ENFORCEMENT ASSISTING FALLEN FAMILIES. This was established in 2006 and continued on for five years. LEAFF raised money to help the families of fallen officers. Our main fundraiser was the annual BLUE LINE CLASSIC FISHING TOURNAMENT. This event started small and with the help of Phil and Sharon Rivaldo and our ITALEO family, grew larger each year. Eventually increasing at one time to over 100 fishermen. When we needed help, all we had to do was call and ITALEO was there. I have been an ITALEO member for many years and had the opportunity to see first hand how incredibly giving and caring its members are.  In 2020 I was asked to become VP of ITALEO and excepted the challenge in memory of my Dad. I hope the changes the new board and its officers bring will help ITALEO move forward while keeping our Italian traditions of family and friends together.  We can’t do this without your help and support. Our monthly meetings are a time to hear about what’s happening in our organization and in the community. It’s also a chance to enjoy a great, Pasta Villa dinner, drinks, family, friends and laughter. All are welcome. I was raised with Italian traditions  and I love my heritage. I followed my father into Law Enforcement and joined him in ITALEO.  We had great times and as times changed so did ITALEO. We have lost a lot of members over the years including my father, Dom DiFante. For those who founded our organization or took a position and served or for those members who have passed I am grateful for all you have accomplished. You are and will remain the heart of ITALEO. Now it’s time for us to show we still care and support what they started. By working together our organization and traditions will stay in tact. We can step up and help Officers when they need us most. It’s what we’ve always done and will continue to do. We can make our Traditional events and fundraisers a great time to be together. All we need is you! ITALEO’S future looks bright and I’m proud to be taken part in that. Someday soon we will be a force, a force of help and support for our brothers and sisters in blue. I look forward to challenges ahead and to working with all of you, my extended family. 


May God bless you, 

Anthony DiFante



Edmond (ED) Bernabei - Secretary 

I have been in law enforcement for nearly 33 years. I was a member of the RPD for almost 28 years and retired as an Investigator. I am now working for the Monroe County District Attorney’s office as an Investigator, currently assigned to the drug task force.  Both of my parents were born in two different small towns in the Abruzzo region in Italy and I still have family there. I am proud of my heritage and how beautiful the country of Italy is. I have been there numerous times and have still yet to see many parts.  In keeping with my heritage, I find it important to be socially involved and try and help others in times of need. I was one of the founding officers of the Badge of Honor Association (BOHA) and helped organize and run such memorable and hugely successful fundraising events as Coppapalooza and the Policeman’s Ball.  I want to bring that experience and energy to ITALEO in order to make this organization even better than it already is. ITALEO is becoming a leader in the charitable organizations when it comes to assisting those in law enforcement when times are tough. Our efforts to have social events and fundraisers gives us that ability to help others. Helping others is what we did as police officers but someone has to be there to help officers when the time comes.

I look forward to meeting each and every one of you, working together in order to achieve the  goals of ITALEO  in the future.


Grazie mille

Ed Bernabei


Charles Zona - Treasurer 

My name is Charles Joseph Zona and I am 70 years old. I have lived in the Town of Irondequoit since 1969. I am a retired Police Sergeant from The Town of Greece Police Department and was there for 25 years with a total of 32 years in Law Enforcement. When I retired I was the Commanding Officer of the Professional Development Section which had 19 smaller Unit's. I held that position for 7 years. Prior to that, for 5 years I was the Commanding Officer of  The Special Operations Division.


Since retirement, I have owned 3 restaurants. I am presently the Sergeant-at-Arms of the Rochester Police and Area Law Enforcement Retirees (ARPALER). I am the Secretary of the Greece Police Retirees Group, and a member of the Sheriff's Office Association of Retirees (SOAR). In addition, I am the Treasurer of  The Italian American Law Enforcement Officers of Greater Rochester New York Inc. (ITALEO). I have been a member of ITALEO since it's inception in 1993. Presently and for the last 9 years, I have been the Treasurer of ITALEO. Lastly, in the past (approximately 1984 to 1999) I was the Treasurer of the Greece Police Uniformed Patrolman's Association.


Mark D'Angelo - Sergeant at Arms

I began my career in 1985 as an RPD Officer in Genesee Section. I am currently a retired officer after 20 years of duty. Along with protecting the community, I coached Spencerport High School Tennis for 10 years. My favorite thing to do now is take long walks on the beach !! 

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