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Italian American Law Enforcement Officers of Greater Rochester

President’s Message


“Brothers and sisters in profession, united by heritage”

“Outreach to our brothers and sisters in law enforcement”

Those statements are our motto and our mission, as shown on our website  ( And they only begin to explain why I am so proud to be a part of this Organization!  I’m grateful for this opportunity to share with you my excitement about being your newly elected President.


First, for those of you who don’t know me (yet!), as someone whose beloved grandparents were from Sicily, I could not be prouder of our heritage - and have been active in this great organization for several years. In fact, I am already working with Board members to explore new ways for ITALEO to appeal even more to members of law enforcement and to heighten awareness of what we’re all about.


Close friends and colleagues have described me as high-energy and focused, but also highly approachable and caring; so please know that I’m always ready to listen to your ideas and look forward to collaborating with you as we grow together and identify new ways to serve our community.


A foundation of my personal approach to life is the confidence that I can achieve anything I set my mind to; and I genuinely enjoy connecting with others (individuals and organizations) who share a passion and commitment to helping others.  Working hard to overcome challenges and obstacles to achieve positive results comes with the territory, and I look forward to leading our collective talents and dedication to offering even more positive contributions to our community. Recalling the support ITALEO offered to the Irondequoit Police Department when two officers needed help still fills me with gratitude and pride in our organization.


On behalf of myself and the all the ITALEO board members, we are committed to working together with you and connecting with community stakeholders to continue and extend ITALEO’s legacy of making a positive impact on the community we are dedicated to serve.  It will be our honor to serve with you in this role.







Jessica Franco, Captain

Irondequoit Police Department

President – ITALEO

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