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Blue Line Classic Fishing Tournament 
In memory of Officer Ryan Paprocki



"I wanted to tell ITALEO that Teddy still has his rubber police police bracelet on from the fishing tournament hasn't taken it off. Thank you again for everything!"

 - Sarah Heindel-Mitchell

Fundraiser to Help Hector Cartagena



"In March of 2018, I retired from IPD and six months the later I was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. A Fundraiser was set up in December of 2018 where ITALEO, without hesitation volunteered their services right away. ITALEO was able to make every aspect of the fundraiser stress free and easy for everyone involved. It was a pleasure working with such an amazing organizatio durin a tough time."

 - Hector Cartagena

Fundraiser For Richard Ryan



"ITALEO is a wonderful organization, filled with hardworking and thoughtful people. ITALEO did a spectacular job organizing a fundraiser for my late husband, retired Irondequoit Police Captain Richard J. Ryan after he was diagnosed with Glioblastoma brain cancer. I will be forever grateful to ITALEO. Thank you so very much."

 - Erin McCabe

Retired Irondequoit Police Officer

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